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As a young boy the world of painting was revealed to me, which began in late childhood practicing my copying skills on popular logos, Disney characters and record covers, on my home’s walls and on my classmates notebooks, a habit and a hobby that rose to a huge thirst to acquire the skills of visual art.

As a part of my travels in the United-Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Morocco, Australia, India, Thailand, Laos, China and Mongolia, opened a channel of art in me as a river burst through cracked dam, the world of professional painting was alluring me.

While studying Computer Science, I was looking for job, any job but being a waiter, I went to study entry-level graphics, and immediately started to work in graphic design, so I could finance my life as a student.

It took me two years to realize that I was born to design and craft. This is my life, not high-tech.

I studied at the “Avni” Institute, for a year, plastic art: illustration, painting, drawing and sculpting clay, I continued to a degree in "Visual Communication Design Holon", nowadays I’m the owner of Studio-Karnaf for graphic designing, illustrating, animating and branding.

My Art Methods goes in tandem with my spiritual ways. The Attraction to mysticism has led me to learn Reiki, sit monasteries hours and learn the types of meditation, numerology and NLP to learn, read and implement many books, studied psychology years, going to festivals and spiritual gatherings ignited anew the love and light of internal and global. Remain open to new things, to be tolerant to the reality around me, because it is always more surprising than imagination.

I believe that nature around us, that was my playground when I was a little child, fills us with creativity, wisdom and passion of the universe.

I use the channels that each one of us have, most of them are based on large and small emotion, feeling the energies around, trying to get to my most balanced place, to enter peace and connect with great love, and out of that silence always set out visions or summons images which I want to create, go through a journey of inner searching.

This is my way to communicate with myself, with people, with my God, this is the way to unload and handle, this is the way to make love.

This is the search.


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